E.P.C.D. / C.O.R.D. MINISTRY, Inc.



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E.P.C.D believes in the five-fold ministry gifts manifested throughout the body ( Apostle ,Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher); and to groven the church according to the word of God and the laws of the land ,for the perfecting of the saints,for the work of ministry,for the edifying of the body of Christ, for salvation,healing and deliverance for the soul of man through the divine power of God. Our vision is being accountable for those things that we know and having the attributes of Christ having Godly character;Godly integrity;and having the mind set of being creditable. Our vision is to continue in education the body of Christ that will be licence , ordain, and consecrate ministers who will satisfactorily meet the requirements set forth by the Emmanuel Pentecostal Church of Deliverance ministry school of ministry, and on-going training opportunities offering such subjects as but not limited to:understanding spiritual protocol.  church polices,church ethics,mode of operation, and ect. ministers recognized by the Emmanuel Pentecostal Church of Deliverance ministry are: Apostle, Bishop, Overseers,  Pastors, Elders, Prophets, Prophetess, Evangelist, Ministers, Missionaries, Deacons, Deaconess and Teachers. Our vision is to be apart of an on-going fellowship with the local community surrounding E.P.C.D and other cities, states and even countries.for we know that all things work together for the good of them that love god and that are called according to his purpose. Our vision is to know our purpose in order for the Emmanuel Pentecostal Church  of Deliverance ministry family to reach our destiny.

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